5 Best Family Outings for Infants

When you have an infant in your family, it can be difficult to find fun activities the whole family will enjoy. Try these ideas for things to do with infants and kids the next time you want a day out.


5 Best Family Outings for Infants


Young babies are absolutely adorable -- their sweet little smiles, their fresh, intoxicating scent, their pudgy legs and impossibly tiny feet. Of course, babies are also a heck of a lot of hard work.

Between changing diapers, feeding them every few hours, and trying to soothe them to sleep, Moms and Dads have their hands full!

It's especially exhausting to take young children on any type of outing. Getting everyone out of the house means packing diapers, bottles, pacifiers, bibs, toys, hats, sunscreen, band-aids, water bottles, and snacks.

Many days, it might not even feel worth the effort.

Before you resort to plunking your children on the couch for an all-day Peppa Pig marathon, check out our ideas for things to do with infants that the whole family will enjoy!



5 Fun Things to Do with Infants

No matter where you go, consider a wearable baby carrier. It's much easier than lugging around a car seat or stroller. Another benefit is that it leaves your hands free -- which is essential if you have a toddler!


1. Pack a Picnic and Hit the Playground

Playgrounds are a lifesaver for parents of young children, so why not bring a picnic and stake your claim for the afternoon? Spread out a blanket, set out assorted snacks and juice boxes, and let the older ones run, climb, swing, slide, and play while you relax with your baby.


2. Visit a Farm

What better way to teach your baby animal names and the sounds they make than by visiting a farm or petting zoo?

Of course, toddlers and preschoolers will love petting or feeding the animals, or just watching them in their natural habitat.

Check out petting zoos and animal sanctuaries in your area. They are often free or low-cost, making them a great alternative to the zoo.


3. Head to Your Local Library

If you have young kids, and you're not a frequent visitor to your local library, you are seriously missing out.

Many libraries have separate children's sections that offer not just picture books and Daniel Tiger DVDs to borrow, but also play areas, train tables, art supplies, and comfy, cushy chairs or beanbags.

Libraries often host children's events, like storytime, craft sessions, free movie screenings, magic shows, singalongs, and so much more.

Older children can participate in these programs while you spend some quality time reading picture books to your baby.


4. Cool Off At a Splash Park

Splash pads and "spraygrounds" are a godsend in the summertime, when the heat starts making everyone crabby. Some of the sprinklers and fountain effects might be too much for a very young baby, but she'll love watching her big siblings splash, laugh, and play in the cool water.


5. Visit the Mall

Many malls have indoor playground areas, where Mom can relax with the littles while Dad goes shopping or vice versa. On cold, snowy, or rainy days, these playgrounds -- which are often free or charge only a dollar or two -- are the perfect solution to cabin fever.

Treat everyone to a soft pretzel or chocolate chip cookie while you're there!


Final Thoughts

Outings with young children can seem daunting, but with a well-stocked diaper bag and a baby carrier, you'll soon learn how doable these jaunts can be!

Do you have any great suggestions for things to do with infants? Where does your family like to go when everyone starts to get stir-crazy?

Let us know in the comments!



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