4 Genius Products for Keeping Kids Occupied While You Travel

Things to do on a plane


Having the right things to do on a plane or in the car can make all the difference in having a happy child while you travel. Try these great products the next time you need to keep your kids entertained.


Travel is stressful even for the lone globetrotter. Planes get delayed, bags get lost, and the unexpected can throw plans way off kilter.

But add in kids, and the mildly irritating becomes a minor catastrophe in a second.

Kids are easily overwhelmed by the unfamiliar surroundings of huge, bustling airports or loud train stations. And travel often means hours of sitting still in one place-- hard on a lot of adults, never mind a three-year-old! Kids need things to do on a plane, a distraction from the long day ahead...



Things to Do On a Plane, Train, or Automobile

Technology makes it easier than ever to keep kids entertained. There are a large variety of activities and travel games for kids on the market-- almost too many! If you're overwhelmed by the options available to you in the world of how to entertain kids, take a look at these four travel-friendly products.


Kid Friendly Tablet

1. A Kid-Friendly Tablet

The conditions of travel often limit what parents can bring as entertainment for kids. Toys take up the kind of space you can't always expect on a plane or the back seat of a cramped car.

Tablets are great for travel because they offer a variety of activities in one compact device, from travel games for older kids to eBooks suitable for toddlers. Many companies (Amazon and Verizon included) offer kid-friendly versions of their grown-up tablets.


LeapFrog Devices

2. LeapFrog Devices

If you want your kids to do a little learning on the go, check out LeapFrog's selection of educational gadgets. The company's products accommodate a variety of ages and learning levels. Also, each LeapFrog product comes with a seal of approval from their team of educators.

The Epic tablet is LeapFrog's top-of-the-line educational tablet. It has access to an extensive library of learning games, eBooks, apps and more. The tablet's parental controls allow parents to tailor their child's internet access and learning experience.

The Epic's screen is shatter-proof and comes with a protective case to prevent damage. And with a six-hour battery life, you hopefully won't have to worry about the tablet dying in the middle of a trip!


JetKids BedBox

3. The Jet Kids BedBox

Flying with a toddler can upset nap and sleeping schedules, especially if your family's going to spend all day sitting at airport gates and on planes. And a short layover between two connections on opposite sides of a big airport can be disastrous with a tired, cranky child in tow.

The BedBox is a suitcase doubling as a conveyance and bed. Your toddler can hop on and strap in to ride alongside rushing parents, then snuggle up in the convertible bed once you're on the plane.

Since the BedBox is plane-friendly, it's the perfect size to settle in an airplane seat. The built-in mattress keeps kids comfy on the flight and saves you from exhaustion-fueled tantrums later.


Rubik's Cube for Kids

4. Rubik's Cube

It may be old school, but a Rubik's cube can keep someone's attention for hours if they're stubborn enough. It's also a handy educational tool. Kids develop reasoning and problem-solving skills by playing with the puzzle game.

Traveling families can set up a friendly competition, racing to solve the puzzle before everyone else. And you aren't confined to just one type of puzzle these days! If the regular old 3 by 3 cube is too 1980 for your kid's modern tastes, they can check out a whole range of other Rubik's puzzles.


Keep Your Travel Stress-Free

Armed with all the best things to do on a plane, no parent will ever have to dread those long hours again! But if you're still a little anxious about that impending road trip or flight home for the holidays, check out our blog for more parenting travel tips.

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  • Children are always full of energy and it is vital that you keep them busy during the travel. I loved the suggestions you have listed out here. The Rubik‚Äôs Cube is an ideal choice when you have bigger children. Keep sharing such posts to help travelling parents deal with their children on the go.

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