5 Helpful Tips When Traveling With A Teething Tyke



After the parents have survived the first trimesters accustoming to their new family member and getting into the night-day routine, the new terror starts arising. Teething. Even if it varies from baby to baby, they usually start popping out from the fourth month. Or at least you can sense their "arrival" due to the constant drooling, quick and uncontrolled crying, and chewing of their petite hands. However, when you are planning to go on a journey with a teething baby, well, you had better get prepared for a mild nuclear bomb. Okay, it's not so horrible as it sounds, but you can do a few things to ease up the travel with your little teething tyke. And here is what you can do.



1. Cold delights

When you are on the road, the ability to soothe your teething tyke is an even greater challenge. A nifty thing to do is to offer cold treats. You can bring a portable freezer, which can easily fit in the car, and once or twice give them to your baby in order to nibble on it. You can either cut small, but long, pieces of apple, or offer them a coldish banana. This will make the baby's gums turn numb a little bit and give you some peace and quiet and the ability to enjoy the travel. However, don't give them cold treats often as they can have a negative effect on their little throats. You don’t want them to get sick on your holiday.



2. Amber teething necklace

Many parents have reported that amber necklace does wonders with teething babies. Basically, it is made out of Baltic amber beads that have the power to calm the teething baby and relieve them from the ongoing pain. They contain a high concentrate of succinic acid, and the baby's body heat triggers the necklace to release the succinic acid from the beads which get absorbed in the baby's bloodstream, and that is how it helps the teething tyke. This will be quite useful when you are either on the road or in the plain because the necklace will do all the work.



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3. Teething toys

Since teething is an absolutely natural process, and let’s face it, it is an unavoidable one, you can help your baby soothe itself while playing. You can get helpful and fun baby teething accessories for the road. From fantastic and sweet mitt that is always on baby’s hand enabling it to constantly chew the toy, to rubber teethers and toothbrushes. Those teethers are all made of latex and they are BPA and Phthalate free so you don’t have to worry about any harmful consequences. The toys are a great traveling distraction, and the baby will have something to do with his hands, so it’s a win-win situation, for at least an hour.



4. Chamomile and mint tea

Our grannies back in the old days didn't have modern accessories as we have nowadays. And whenever the baby started crying, they simply offered them cold tea. And not just any tea, but either chamomile or mint. This is an easy thing to carry with you when you are traveling by any form of transport because tea can stay fresh and drinkable for at least 2 days if it kept out of direct sunlight. Prepare the tea at home, without adding any sugar, of course, leave it to chill and back it with other travel necessities. It works differently from baby to baby, but at least it is a healthy beverage that can only do good for the baby.



5. Soothing gum creams

If your perspective to natural remedies is a positive one, then you can resort to buying a natural gum medicament. It comes in the form of creams or gels, and when you apply them on the gums they instantly turn them numb and immediately soothe the baby. What is more, babies really love them because of their taste. They are usually sweet and contain chamomile, Calendula, clove, and peppermint, all of which are safe ingredients and relieve the baby from pain. The packages are small and handy so you can easily back them in the traveling bag, and apply them on baby's gums. The only disadvantage is that you are allowed to apply the gel or cream up to 6 times per day since it is a form of a medicament. Plus, your hands must be clean at all times so bring a hand disinfect with you.



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Teething process can be a long and tedious one. As a parent, you need to have strong nerves and gather sufficient patience, but in the end, it all passes and you'll soon forget about it.



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