Summer Staycation: 5 Unforgettable Stateside Family Vacation Spots

Not every family wants to travel hundreds of miles from home just to go on vacation. For some, this is due to time limitations, while for others it is simply a matter of logistics.

Trips made far away from home often result in your becoming so tired by the time you return that you never really seem to have relaxed.

One solution to this is to consider a staycation. Right around your area of the country, there is likely a great holiday just waiting for you to enjoy it.

Consider the following five unforgettable stateside family vacation spots to get you thinking about the possibilities. 


Arizona Resorts

Luxury Resorts in Arizona 
Most people in Arizona are looking to escape the heat in the middle of the summer, but that is not always practical. If you find that you cannot leave, yet you are looking to have a nice holiday nearby, there are some great resorts in the area.  At the Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak
Resort you can enjoy sunset views of the Sonoran desert while you feast a delectable dessert. Besides their pools, they have a lazy river, tennis, basketball courts and a spa. Resorts like these are great for families with kids and teenagers. During the summer, some great deals are to be had. You and your family will enjoy all of the facilities that the place has to offer at the same time. 


Bed and Breakfast in Maine

Bed and Breakfasts in the Northeast 
If you are going on vacation with other families you should consider a B&B that has meeting rooms available like The Brunswick Inn in Maine. Not only will you be able to enjoy
breakfast together, but you can walk along the piers and try some famous Maine lobster rolls for lunch.  Head back to the B&B after a night out in the town. You can play using the meeting room for family meetings, to play board games, or to accommodate your large party.  You will enjoy the great outdoors all day and know that you have a place to relax with your large party back at the hotel. 


West Virginia Tourism

Mountain Lodges in West Virginia 
West Virginia is a beautiful state that has much to offer. Whether you are planning a family trip during the winter or summer there’s always plenty to do for the family that loves the outdoors.  The Corduroy Inn provides lodging opportunities next to the Powder Monkey chairlift. If you’re looking to snowboard or going snowshoeing with the family you’re bound to have a blast. This makes for a great staycation. In the summer you will get to hike, fish, and take part in various activities. The lodge itself will have all the comforts of home as well. 


family vacation at the beach

Villas by the Beach 
If you are near Texas you can always head to a Crystal Beach Villa. These come fully equipped with everything you need to keep up with the household chores by night, and you can all enjoy the surf and the sand by day. You can sleep
16 guests. There is an upright piano, high-speed
internet, you have hammocks and swings. Your rooms come with private patio decks to enjoy incredible dawn views. There is a commercial kitchen perfect for hosting a Christmas or birthday celebration. This is a relaxing staycation that may be perfect for a family celebration. 


National Parks Campground

Campgrounds Near a National Park 
Most people are never very far from a mountain campground. Load up the gear and head out there one weekend. Utah is home to 5 National Parks. You can even visit all 5 in 5 days. This is a great family bonding time, filled with incurable views. You can bring your RV or camp in every park. You could even camp some nights and stay at a hotel every couple of days to ensure a good night’s rest and showers.

These five stateside family vacation spots are sure to provide you with loads of memories that will last a lifetime. Remember to get everyone involved in selecting the destination and the chosen activities. Giving everyone a voice will make the trip that much more enjoyable. Once you have made your choice all that is left is to pack your bags!


About the Author:

Kara Masterson is a freelance writer from West Jordan, Utah. She graduated from the University of Utah and enjoys writing and spending time with her dog, Max.


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