5 Tips For Potty Training Your Kids

tips for potty training



Are you looking for tips for potty training your child?

Teaching a child to use the bathroom is one of the most complex parts of parenting. It's a natural part of being a parent, but there's so little guidance available to help you navigate toilet training.

You can look at how kids are potty trained around the world, but that probably won't help you get your kid to use the toilet.

If you're looking for potty training tips, you've come to the right place.

These are the five tips you need to potty train your child.


Start at the Right Time

The most common question parents have is when to start the potty training process. The best answer is when the parent and child are ready and willing to start potty training.

Research has shown that when kids start earlier (between 18-24 months), it's likely to be a long process, but a more positive experience.

Starting kids later could lead to urinary tract infections and incontinence.


Plan Ahead for Travel

Is your family planning a day out of the house in the middle of potty training? Even if your kid hasn't had an accident in weeks, a break in the regular routine can wreak havoc on your child.

Planning ahead can help you and your child stay on track with potty training.

If you're on the road, be sure to schedule potty breaks and make it fun. Public bathrooms can be scary for kids, especially if there are loud and powerful toilets. Kids need to be reminded that they won't get sucked down the toilet.


Set Regular Reminders

Your three-year-old seems like he finally got the hang of potty training.

Then they get distracted playing games and they forget all about the bathroom. That is sure to lead to an accident.

By setting regular reminders every couple of hours, you pull your child's attention away for just enough time to get them to go the bathroom.


How to Get Over Embarrassing Moments

Sometimes, there are incidents that occur that may embarrass the child. They may be shamed by you or others for having an accident.

That can impact their confidence.

Let your child know that accidents happen and always keep a change of clothes handy.


Identifying the Fear of Doing #2

Your child may be just fine using the toilet to pee. Going #2 is a different story.

That can be due to a number of factors. They may not be ready for potty training, they may have had a bad experience, or they might be constipated.

There are psychological issues at play, too. They may be afraid of falling into the toilet or that there are monsters in the bathroom.

If constipation is an issue, try adding more fiber to their diet to make it easier. You can also check the size of the toilet and ensure the child they won't fall in.


Use These Tips for Potty Training Your Child

It is not easy to toilet train a child. Starting them at the right time, planning ahead, and helping your child get over fear and embarrassment will help them adjust quickly.

Out of all of the tips for potty training your child, the key is to be patient. Remember that it's not a sprint, it's a marathon. There will be setbacks along the way, even when you thinking they finally got it.

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