Planning the Perfect Birthday Party for Your Kid


Planning a Kids Birthday Party


When you’re a child, your birthday is the most important day ever. It’s when you’re the focus of everybody’s attention, you get a cake, presents and, of course, the best party in the world.


On the other hand, when you’re a parent, it’s your job to make all of this happen, which can be very stressful. But, how do you even plan the perfect birthday party?


Here is some useful advice for you.


Choose a theme

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Throwing a Spiderman-themed party when your child and their friends are really into Paw Patrol is a recipe for a disaster. So, talk to your child and ask what they want the theme of their party to be. If they aren’t sure of don’t really care that much, suggest some themes that fall under a more general category.


For example, cartoon characters that all children like, like Mickey Mouse or Sponge Bob, or something in the line of pirates, Harry Potter, etc. Having a theme can actually make your life simpler, since you’ll know what the cake should look like, what decorations to get and even what activities to plan for the party.


Think about the when and where

Choosing the time and the place for the party can be somewhat challenging, so take all the factors into consideration when making a decision. For example, can you fit all the guests in your home? Will the weather allow for an outdoor party? When should it all start?


For younger children, it would probably be best to start the party early in the afternoon. Plus, you are under no obligation to entertain all day long. So, after settling on the time, decide on how long the party will last. Then you can also choose whether you’ll have the party at home, or at a venue. There are many venues that throw children’s parties, some of which have their own entertainers, along with a nice place for the grownups to socialize, while keeping an eye on their little ones.


Decide on the food

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First, you need a cake that will make your child’s eyes sparkle with excitement when they see it, but also when you cut into it. So, find out what the children prefer, but don’t worry too much. Kids love sweets and colorful stuff, so a rainbow cake or anything with chocolate will do, and if you don’t want a cake, you can opt for cupcakes or other desserts instead.


When it comes to real food, don’t forget your adult guests. You may want to look for professional catering companies that offer various appetizers, finger foods and maybe even veggie boards for the more demanding parents. While you can serve anything from hot dogs to pizza and burgers to the kids and have them screaming with joy, their parents might not be so fond of these fast-food solutions, so be prepared for anything.


Finally, don’t forget to inquire about any allergies or other dietary requirements for the little and the big guests before the party, to stay on the safe side.


Invite your guests

Sit down with your little one and ask who they want to invite to their party, then do your best to respect their wishes. This means that you shouldn’t invite kids that they don’t want there, just because you want their parents to come. This actually happens often, so keep in mind that this isn’t your party.


As far as invitations go, you can get some from a party store and make sure they match the theme. Another option is to turn this into a project you and your kid do together. You can actually set up a creative workshop at home and make your own invitations. Just remember to send them early enough, so that people don’t plan anything else on that day. Plus, ask people to let you know if they’re coming or not, since you’ll want to know the number of guests when you start preparing food.


Plan some games and activities

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Unless you decide to hire entertainers, you’ll need an activity plan to keep children busy and happy. Think of some games and see if you can fit them into the theme of the party. For example, if it’s a Gru and the Minions party, have each of the kids come up with a Gru-inspired evil plan of their own. Another option is to have them play some old-school games like TAG or Hide-and-seek. As much as they might like the games you plan for them, they will also love unstructured play, so let them just be children and come up with their own ways to have fun.

It’s questionable if there can ever be anything perfect, let alone a birthday party, but when you see the happiness on your kid’s face, you’ll know you got as close to perfection as you possibly could. So, do your best, but also relax and try to enjoy the party yourself.


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