The Best Kids Stores in Atlanta for Organizing Their Room

Kid Stores in Atlanta, Georgia

by Gigi K. Miller, Professional Organizer/Productivity Consultant - Atlanta


Kids' bedrooms often serve multiple functions and organization is a crucial element in making the most of the available space.  This is a place where kids complete homework assignments, read, listen to music, and play with friends.  It also functions as a storage space for books, clothes, electronics, sports equipment, and toys.  So how do you create an organized space that your kids will be able to maintain? 

Follow these 5 steps to cut the clutter, maximize available space and create organizing systems that are simple and easy for your kids to maintain. 


Step 1.  Design a Space with Kids’ Needs in Mind:

The first thing I suggest is to look at the space from your child’s point of view.  Is it easy for them to access their clothes, books, and toys?  Consider these questions and then purchase pieces that allow your child to easily retrieve what they need when they need it.  For example, install or move an existing rod to a lower position in the closet, use open floor bins or stackable drawers to store socks, underwear, and t-shirts.  Use the upper rod and shelving to store out of season clothing and extra bedding.  Don’t forget to add kids room decorations that make the room personal. 


Seed Factory in Atlanta, Georgia

Tip:  When looking for unique pieces to add that personal touch to your kids’ rooms, take a trip to Seed Factory Atlanta.  They have a great selection of pillows, rugs, pennants, wall art, and wooden toys. 


Step 2.  Define Your Zones:

Decide what functions your kids’ rooms need to serve and then clearly define the space into zones.  For example, a desk and shelving unit may serve as the homework/reading zone.  A table and art supplies may serve as the arts and crafts zone.  And a trunk of dress up clothes, a train table and bins of toys provide a play zone.  Creating zones will make it easy for your kids to determine where items belong.



Treehouse Kid and Craft in Decatur, Georgia


Little Shop of Stories in Decatur, Georgia


Tip:  Encourage creative thinking and inspire your kids with a well-stocked library.  Two of my favorite places to purchase books are Treehouse  Kid and Craft  and Little Shop of Stories.


Step 3.  De-Clutter Your Space:

Take inventory of toys, clothes, books and everything else in your kids’ rooms.  Toss old or broken items out and donate gently used items to a local charity. I recommend keeping an empty bag or box in the closet to collect donated items.  I suggest de-cluttering 3-4 times a year.  Use the one in one out rule.  One new toy or book means one is donated. 


Sweet Repeats in Atlanta, Georgia


Tip:  Consignment is a great option for when my clients have nicer items that are still in great condition.  I recommend Sweet Repeats, an upscale children’s and maternity consignment boutique that has been around for 35 years.


Step 4.  Designate a Home for Everything:

Sort like items together and store them close to where your kids will use them or in their proper zones.  This goes for clothes, toys, games, and everything else.  For example, toys and games should be stored close to or in the play zone.  Toys should be sorted into categories by type or size.  Organize clothing by categories as well:  short sleeved shirts, pants, sweaters, and so on.  The important thing to remember here is to set up a system that works for your kid.  Every kid is different and finding the right system takes time and patience.  But it will be well worth it for both of you!



Kudzu Antiques in Decatur, Georgia


Tip:  Whatever your decorating style is, Atlanta has it!  For a nice selection of antiques, modern décor, mid-century, and vintage pieces, check out  Kudzu Antiques.  It is a great place to find pieces that can be repurposed for organizing and decorating your kid’s room.  


Step 5.  Make Staying Organized a Routine:

For younger kids, make it a game by turning on music and setting a timer to see how fast they can return items to their proper (and labeled) homes. Create a morning and evening routine to include items such as making the bed, brushing teeth, and cleaning out backpacks.

Tip:  Creating check-lists helps kids better manage their time. 

Finally, make getting and staying organized a family affair.  Work together as a team and encourage each other to keep your home clutter free and organized!



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