Dental Hygiene: How to Take Care of Children's Teeth

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Strong, healthy teeth are important to your children as they are to you. They help the young ones to talk with confidence and eat properly for the benefit of their health. On the other hand, poor dental health is a gateway to lots of infections, some of which may become life-threatening. It also affects their self-confidence and ability to relate with their peers. Here are free tips on enhancing dental care for kids.


Make Brushing Teeth Fun

There are several ways you can make brushing teeth fun. First, allow the kids to choose their toothbrushes. In the same way, let them pick the toothpaste brand they would like to use. You can then have a teeth brushing routine where you ensure that every kid brushes their teeth for about two minutes. You can also join them during the brushing session so that you have fun together. Making brushing fun ensures that you do not have to force them to clean their teeth.


Use a soft brush for children between one and two years. Teach the kids to spread the toothpaste over the teeth and brush every corner of the mouth. They should also learn how to floss their teeth. For one-year-old infants and below, brush them with water or non-fluoride toothpaste, which is safe to swallow.


Take Regular Visits to the Dentist

It is important that you have the teeth of the young ones inspected every six months. The dentist is able to identify problems like cavities, abnormalities and gum disease right before they start causing significant damage to the teeth. He or she is also able to offer practical tips on how to take care of each child’s teeth. Since most young children do not like visiting the dentist, consider giving them a treat after every visit to encourage them. You can visit your dentist between these visits if you notice a problem with a tooth or when the child complains of pain.


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Watch the Diet

A healthy diet provides the necessary nutrients to keep teeth healthy. Always ensure that food has lots of calcium, vitamins and has low levels of processed sugars. Moreover, limit their intake of sodas and sweetened drinks. Regular intake of sugary foods increases the risk of cavities. Therefore, you should ensure that they brush their teeth after taking such food.


You may give older children raw carrots and sugar-free gum to chew. Hard foods help strengthen the jaw muscles while chewing gums helps freshen breath, wash away food bits hidden between teeth and balance out the acids in the mouth by increasing saliva production.



Fluoride is known to help reduce the occurrence of cavities by hardening the enamel. Much of the tap water contains fluoride. Do not use reverse osmosis on tap water as you eliminate fluoride too. You can give your children some oral fluoride supplements if tap water does not have it. Toothpaste with fluoride can also help protect their teeth



Children may lose their teeth when playing due to hits or falls. You can prevent this by having them wear a mouth guard. The guard is a plastic retainer that covers the teeth with some models protecting teeth too. There are custom-fitted mouth guards to fit children’s mouths with ease.


Correcting Teeth Misalignments

There are children’s teeth that may be misaligned partly due to lack of space in the mouth or failure to remove milk teeth when it is time for a new set of teeth. According to orthodontics, wearing braces can help correct tooth misalignment. Braces for kids are customized as per the shape of the child’s mouth and are adjusted as the teeth get aligned. They do not hinder speech or eating as they fit comfortably around the teeth.


Children should maintain dental hygiene when wearing braces. Monitor their brushing to ensure that plaque does not form around the edges of their gums and braces, which can lead to enamel damage. See a dentist if the child starts to complain of pain and discomfort from wearing braces.


Taking good care of children teeth is of importance at their age and later in life. Do not ignore complaints of pain, swellings and teeth discoloration. Implement the tips above to ensure kids healthy teeth, beautiful smiles, and strong jaws.


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