Three Types of Gifts Parents Actually Want for Christmas

Christmas Gifts for Parents


Most parents spend the majority of their time and money making the holidays magical for their children and they wouldn’t want it any other way. So being on the receiving end of a thoughtful gift is a really special treat. Here are three types of gifts for the parents, new or experienced, on your gift list this holiday season.


Experience Gifts

More and more I hear about parents requesting experience based gifts for their kids (we all have enough toys to trip over as it is). But this type of gift works great for parents too. There are all types of experience based gifts for any budget.


This year you might give someone a gift card for a massage or tickets to a concert or Broadway show (and better yet, offer to watch the kids while they go). But while those are popular experience gifts it is also great to think outside the box.


This year I’m giving an annual subscription to Masterclass so my friends and family can have the experience of learning from the masters of their craft. The great thing about Masterclass is that you can “attend” the course from anywhere, no babysitter or travel required. Plus, there is a course for EVERYONE on your list from deadmau5 teaching electronic music mixing, to James Patterson teaching writing, to my personal favorite Gordon Ramsay’s cooking masterclass.


Luxury Gifts

Don’t let the word luxury scare you off, these gifts don’t have to break the bank. A luxury gift is really just something that the gift recipient wouldn’t buy for themselves due to the price. For some people that means a gift card to Starbucks and for others that is a trip to Hawaii.


Many parents consider high end technology to be too expensive and not worth spending on themselves but that doesn’t mean they don’t want it. Gifts like Bose headphones, smart watches, and tablets can all fit in this category. If you need some more ideas check out this great list of technology gifts.


Gifts that Make Life Easier

When it comes down to it, one of the best types of gifts for busy parents is one that makes their lives easier. Now, you definitely need to know your audience before you go ahead with one of these gift ideas because while one person might be eternally grateful for a new Instapot, another might be offended that you think all they are good for is cooking. You know who I’m talking about.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Parents from Little Kids


I think these types of gifts usually come in two categories, gadgets and services. Gadgets that help make a regular task easier, faster, or simpler are great for parents who want to cut down on time spent on chores. For example, a Roomba is a vacuum that runs on its own or with the use of an app, saving parents from the endless hours of vacuuming up spilt (read thrown) food.

For years, I’ve been giving service-based gifts to my friends for baby-showers and these types of gifts also make excellent presents for the holidays. There are all types of services that I bet you didn’t even know could be gifted, such as a cleaning service. My favorite is gifting a service like Shipt or Instacart because most parents absolutely dread grocery shopping. There are also meal delivery services like Gobble, Blue Apron, and Plated that all save parents time and sanity.



Skip the tie this year and try one of these types of gifts for each of the parents on your list. You really can’t go wrong with whatever you choose, as long as you are being truly thoughtful about your gifts. So think outside the box and surprise someone with a gift they never even knew they wanted. Don’t be afraid to share this list with your friends and let me know what your favorite type of gift is in the comments.



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