7 Resources for Child Behavior Problems and Solutions

If your child has a behavior problem, it can be stressful to find a solution. Fortunately, you don't have to do it alone. Find out the resources you can turn to for your child behavior problems and solutions.

child behavior problems and solutions

Are you working through child behavior issues in your family and worried things may never change?

Know that you're not alone. Many families deal with child behavior problems. In fact, 10.1% of children aged 3-17 in the US have sought treatment or counseling from a mental health professional.

Read on to learn about 7 resources that can help you with child behavior problems and solutions. Some might surprise you!


1. Pediatricians

Whether you're parenting preschoolers or working with teenagers, your child's pediatrician can be your first line of help for behavior issues.

Pediatricians know what to look for as kids develop and can recognize quickly what patterns of behavior are normal and abnormal.

If they see your child's behavior as abnormal for their age, the doctor will likely have resources and recommendations to help.

2. Athletics

For children who might lack discipline or display aggressiveness, enrolling them in athletic programs can help.

Studies actually show that sports can help kids diffuse anger.

Coaches in a variety of sports are trained to work with kids and teach them discipline, respect, and how to have fun.

3. After School Programs

If your child isn't particularly into sports, sometimes all they need is a community where they feel appreciated.

Finding an after-school program or youth group that caters to their interests is a great way to expose problematic kids to supportive environments.

4. Parent/Child Group Programs

There are numerous programs for parents around the country that include parenting skills training and group activities for all ages.

For example, The Incredible Years is a therapist-led program for parents and kids ages 3-6 that works with them to handle difficult family situations.

5. School Psychologists

Along with athletics and after-school programs, a school psychologist can be an incredible resource for parents whose kids are not behaving.

Your kids spend most of their day in school and if their behavior is spilling over into the school day, the on-staff psychologist may be able to help get to the root of the issue.

6. Behavioral Therapists

If your school district doesn't employ a psychologist, your pediatrician may have a recommendation for a great behavioral therapist.

These types of therapy sessions allow a professional to gradually work with your child to sort out their behavior.

7. Family Counseling

For family-specific issues, such as divorce, domestic violence, or substance abuse, family counseling can be a fantastic resource.

Oftentimes child behavioral issues stem from larger issues in the home.

Working through struggles with a counselor together as a family can bring about new peace in a household.


Find the Right Resource for Child Behavior Problems and Solutions

These 7 resources for child behavior problems and solutions should be a great place to start if you're working through child behavioral problems, no matter what age!

As you consider these options, don't get overwhelmed in trying out all of them. It may some time to choose the resource that is right for your family.

Know of other child behavior programs or resources we might've missed? Let us know in the comments!

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