4 Amusement Park Safety Tips for Parents

Amusement Park Safety


A trip to an amusement park can be a fun way to get your kids away from their screens and help them enjoy a fun summer day. However, amusement parks come with risks and dangers. Learn how to keep your kids safe.


With their roller coasters, carnival games, and delicious street food, amusement parks appeal to all ages. Whether you're in your 20s or your 50s, you'll have a ton of fun and escape your daily routine. However, accidents do happen, so it's important to take some safety measures before letting your kids go and explore the surroundings.

Last year, a British girl died after falling off a water ride at Drayton Manor. A year earlier, a boy was killed by an alligator at Walt Disney World in Florida.

Theme parks around the world have witness disasters on roller coasters and other rides. Plus, there's always the risk of getting lost and other hazards, such as sunburn and dehydration. Not to mention pickpocketing, a common practice in amusement parks.

So, what's the best way to keep your child safe without making play any less fun? Here are some amusement safety tips to consider:


Take a Photo of Your Child

Before leaving home, take a photo of your child. The purpose isn't to share it on social media, but to have a recent picture ready in case your child gets lost. If that happens, show it to the police and park operators.

Make sure the photo shows clearly what your kids are wearing. For extra safety, give him a plastic or medical ID bracelet with your phone number written on it.


Avoid Sugary Snacks

High-sugar foods can make your kids sick. That's the last thing you want when visiting an amusement park.

Pack some healthy snacks at home and take them with you. Fresh fruits, veggie sticks, crackers, and homemade sandwiches are all a good choice.

If your child wants cotton candy or other treats, get some for later.


Connect with Other Parents

Look around for other parents with kids in tow. In case you need a bathroom break or want to buy something, ask them to watch your child for a few minutes. You can offer to return the favor if they need it.

It doesn't hurt to engage in chit-chat with other moms and dads. Ideally, try to find a family or couple that prefers similar attractions around the park. Form a group and watch each other's kids.


Plan Ahead

Nowadays, most amusement parks have their own website or Facebook page. Go online to see what they offer. Make a plan about what attractions you're going to visit.

Take note of where the restrooms and food stands are located, check the entry and exit doors, and determine what rides are suitable for your kids.

Also, make sure your children know what they have to do in case they get lost or feel safe. Write down your phone number and place it in their pockets. Establish a meeting point in case you are separated.


Make Amusement Park Safety a Priority

Planning ahead for incidents can mean the difference between a fun-filled day and a disaster. As a parent, amusement park safety should be your priority.

Teach your kids how to enjoy the rides safely and why it's important to obey the rules. Make they use the seat belt and listen to the ride operator's instructions. Don't take unnecessary risks when it comes to your family.

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