Gaining Early Independence: 6 Ways on How to Raise a Self-Reliant Child

Raising Self Reliant Children


One of the most wonderful things in our life is free will. The freedom to choose our own path in life, how we want to live it, who we want to live it with and what and where we see it take place and become. It is also vital in shaping the character of individuals and preparing them for the future that is just beyond the corner. With how the world goes today, a person needs to be strong, focused and self – reliant, and we can achieve this in early childhood.


Children today must be self – reliant, meaning the earlier and younger the better.

It is vital that we mold them into independent individuals that need little or no assistance at all when doing tasks and solving problems. This will make sure that in the future, they can play anyone’s game and not be left out from the pack.

As parents, we have the responsibility of making sure that this happens and must be monitored carefully because molding won’t be effective without guidance.

So if you really want to raise a self-reliant child, take these tips into consideration:


1. Let Them Go Solo

The first thing that you should know is that if your kids think and feel that they can do something themselves, let them do it. It is not an issue if they do it wrong the first or second time, what important are they have the fire and motivation do it without any assistance. You can then point some important details after they do it so that next time there is a much higher chance for them to do it right.



2. Be A Guide, Not a Doer

If ever you have the feeling of wanting to do a thing that your kids are ding at the moment, then throw those feelings away. It is better to just guide them through and not pick up the dancing shoes yourself. This way, they are learning, feeling and analyzing whatever needs to be done.


3. Rescue is not good

Being on the rescue all the time when kids are doing something wrong is actually teaching them to be less self – reliant. They will have a mindset that if ever things go wrong, you will be there to save the day, and that isn’t right. The goal here is to make them independent as early as possible. Let them do it until they get it right or until they realize that they are doing it wrong, with safety considerations of course.


4. Negotiating

Teaching how to negotiate at an early age is vital for self – reliance because kids will develop their decision-making skills and learn what is beneficial for themselves and others and what is not. Also, this will teach them the sense of being fair and what needs to be done in order to achieve the goal intended.


5. Brainstorming

Brainstorming is also another way of teaching self – reliance. It is best that you train them to discuss possible outcomes and solutions with other kids if ever they want something or are in need to solve a problem. This way, they can come up with the solutions without any hints from you or anyone older.


6. Organizing Skills

Lastly, we must teach them how to be organized in every way possible. This will make them have a sense of order for things and not just leave everything in a mess. Also, this will make them remember where they put the things that are important to them without any help from others.


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