The Best Parks with Playgrounds in Salt Lake City

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Searching for fun things to do with kids?  How about the park?

Below are the best parks with playgrounds in the Salt Lake City area!

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11th Ave Park

581 N Terrace Hills Dr (890 E)

 Salt Lake City

11th Ave Park Playground



17th South River Park

This area destination for sports fields & courts also features a play structure for children.

1150 W 1700 S

Salt Lake City

17th South River Park Playground



6th East

220 S 600 E

Salt Lake City







Cotten Park

1815 S 300 E

 Salt Lake City

Cotten Park Playground



Cottonwood Park

1580 W North Star Dr (300 N)

 Salt Lake City

Cottonwood Park Playground



Curtis Park

1421 S 2200 E

 Salt Lake City

Curtis Park Playground



Davis Park

916 S 2000 E

 Salt Lake City