10 Child-Friendly Summer Activities in Raleigh, NC

Summers in Raleigh, NC




With your children at home, you may find yourself struggling to find ways to keep them entertained for the next few weeks during their summer break. Thankfully, with the beautiful weather here and loads of activities ready to be planned, here are just a few ideas for some fun child-friendly summer activities in Raleigh.

Duke Gardens

Whether you just want to take a walk around the grounds or enjoy one of the activities that are held to learn about the flora and fauna in the grounds, Duke Gardens would make for a perfect afternoon trip to get your family out of the house and enjoying nature.



N.C. Museum of Natural Sciences

Just because school is over, doesn’t mean the learning has to end. Plan a day trip to the Museum of Natural Sciences to check out just a few of their many activities that include the Natural World Investigate Lab and Window on Animal Health. For this type of trip, you’ll be sure to plan multiple trips here during your kid’s summer break.



State Farmers Market

Why not kill two birds with one stone? Plan a trip to the State Farmers Market to allow your family to explore new treats and crafts, while also stocking up on some goods for the home.



N.C. Museum of History

Learn about the history of your home town by making a trip to the Museum of History with your family. They regularly have interactive classes that your children can attend and admission is free.



Enjoy the Park and a Fun Slide

Visit the Museum of Art to enjoy an eclectic selection of activities that includes one of the areas most extravagant slides, Pigcasso. You will be able to both enjoy the culture and let your kids romp around in one fun location.



Enjoy a Summer Movie

While summer is the perfect time for outdoor weather, there will more than likely be a rainy day that would warrant some indoor fun. Why not check out a movie? Whether you enjoy a movie at your local park, a movie at home, or take advantage of a matinee or a free movie during the summer, be sure to discover what movies are available during this season and how you can get a great deal on them.



Engage in Home Management

Along with the summer being a learning experience outside of school, so should the summer be a lesson in responsibility. each your kids how to do a few chores, so that you have time to get things done that only you can do. It’s okay to delegate things around the house to your kids, or even a repairman for that matter.



Join a Summer Reading Program

The summer is the perfect time for the whole family to catch up on some reading. While some kids may love to dive into books, others may need an incentive, try checking out your local libraries summer reading program to discover creative ways to get your kids into reading.



Ask Mom Events at North Hills

If you’re close to North Hills, take advantage of the free family events there that will be happening throughout the entire summer. These activities can range from mom meetups, trips to a local playground or swimming pool, or even planned trips to a museum or an afternoon movie. This is also a great way to meet new friends.



Check Out a Sprayground and Swimming Pool

It’s summer! Get your kids out there to enjoy this beautiful warm weather by exploring Raleigh’s local swimming pools and spraygrounds. This is something the whole family can enjoy, even the little ones.


These are just a few ideas to make this summer fun for you and your kids. There are so many fun activities around Raleigh—are you ready for the best summer yet?



Amanda Turner is a freelance writer and recent graduate who is exploring her passions through writing. 



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